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15 Tasty Crostini Recipes

You know bite-size appetizers have always been our favourite. These little cuties serve many purposes such as crowd-pleasing party food, tasty snacks or a quick dinner option whenever you are in short of time. Turning some slices of baguette into a festive food with various toppings in less then 15 mins is quite possible with the right tutorial. These recipes are super easy to make and something you can whip up in a snap! Don’t wait to try them by yourself.


Cherry Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta
cherry-tomato-crostiniRecipe: mydailymorsel

Avocado & Goats Cheese with Lime
avocado-goats-cheese-crostiniRecipe: simpleprovisions

peach-crostiniRecipe: thescrumptiouspumpkin

Creamy Mushroom
creamy-mushroom-crostiniRecipe: inspiredtaste

Roasted Blueberry Ricotta Crostini
roasted-blueberry-ricotta-crostiniRecipe: twopeasandtheirpod

Rosemary Apple & Goat Cheese
rosemary-apple-crostiniRecipe: runningtothekitchen

Garlic Herb & Parmesan
garlic-herb-parmesan-crostiniRecipe: pictureperfectmeals

French Onion
french-onion-crostiniRecipe: 30poundsofapples

Pesto Cheese
pesto-cheese-crostiniRecipe: framedcooks

Italian Tomato & Mozzarella
italian-tomato-mozarella-crostiniRecipe: wishfulchef

Jalapeno Crostini
jalapeno-crostiniRecipe: handletheheat

Avocado & Salmon
avocado-salmon-crostiniRecipe: hskillet

Chanterelle & Shitake Mushroom
chanterelle-shitake-mushroom-crostiniRecipe: authenticsuburbangourmet

Goat Cheese & Roasted Pepper
goat-chease-roasted-pepper-crtostiniRecipe: cooklikeachampionblog

Wedge Salad Crostini
wedge-salad-crostiniRecipe: nutritionfor

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