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15 Veggie Casserole Recipes

While composing this article, I realised that we use most of the cooking terms without knowing their exact meanings. Do you know what a casserole means? It is a word meaning “saucepan” in French but also used for the cooking method and food baked in oven. It generally includes pieces of meat, chicken or fish with a variety of vegetables topped with cheese. Although both of them consist of the same ingredients, there is a distinct difference between casseroles and stews as the former one baked in oven while the latter is cooked on the stove. All in all if you are a chop-mix-cook type then you will like the following casserole recipes all made with veggies.

Broccoli-Cheddar CobblerBroccoli-Cheddar Cobbler2Recipe: chattavore

Caramel Apple Sweet PotatoCaramel Apple Sweet Potato Casserole2Recipe: fromaway

Cheesy Broccoli GratinCheesy Broccoli Gratin1Recipe: kitchencomments

Shoepeg CornShoepeg Corn CasseroleRecipe: themeaningofpie

Jalapeno CornJalapeno CornRecipe: kitchenrunway

Rice and Bean Taco BakeRice and Bean Taco Bake1Recipe: fooddoodles

Zucchini, corn and cherry tomatoZucchini, corn and cherry tomato casserole1Recipe: eatlovedrink

Brussels Sprouts and Bacon GratinBrussels Sprouts and Bacon GratinRecipe: browneyedbaker

Cheddar Green Beancheddar green bean casseroleRecipe: healthyseasonalrecipes

Green Beanlighten Green BeanRecipe: skinnytaste

Spinach GratinMakeover Spinach GratinRecipe: skinnytaste

Cheesy Cauliflower Au GratinSONY DSCRecipe: iwashyoudry

Leek and PotatoLeek and Potato CasseroleRecipe: goodlifeeats

RatatouilleRatatouilleRecipe: realfoodrealdeals

Vegetable TianVegetable TianRecipe: mysanfranciscokitchen

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