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20 DIY Crochet Coaster Tutorials

Crochet is one of our favourite type of craftings. With its easy to get supplies and practicality to carry out, crochet offers several cute projects for us to test our skills. Today we picked crochet coasters which we believe you’ll love to have on your kitchen table or bar. As they are very small, they take little time to accomplish and very suitable for impatient crafters. Take a look and choose the one for you.

16 coasterTutorial: sweetsimplestuff

11 coasterTutorial: tutsplus

18 coasterTutorial: tutsplus

17 coasterTutorial: annemarieshaakblog

02 coasterTutorial: habitualhomebody

04 coasterTutorial: katrinshine

crochet coasterTutorial: monmakesthings

06 coasterTutorial: repeatcrafterme

07 coasterTutorial: goodsmiths

08 coasterTutorial: maizehutton

10 coasterTutorial: craftpassion

12 coasterTutorial: repeatcrafterme

13 coasterTutorial: creativejewishmom

15 coasterTutorial: creativejewishmom

19 coasterTutorial: 1dogwoof

14 coasterTutorial: myzigzagstitch

09 coasterTutorial: craftfoxes

01 coasterTutorial: number19


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