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35 Punch Recipes for a Festive Holiday

After all those Christmas themed cookies, cupcakes and macarons, something to drink was a must and we are here to make up this. A large bowl of punch is all we need to complete our Christmas party table among other beverages. Here are some easy to make and never get enough of recipes to please each of your guests. Alcohol or non-alcohol, hot or cold, fruity or spicy, we recommend you to try all of them before that big day and select the ones to serve with your party food.

Prickly Pear Punch18 Prickly Pear PunchRecipe: mangoesandpalmtrees

Spiced Pumpkin Punch02 Spiced Pumpkin PunchRecipe: domesticate-me

Warm Fruit01 Warm Fruit PunchRecipe: yes-moreplease

Washington’s Rum33 Washington's Rum PunchRecipe: yoursouthernpeach

Cranberry Ginger32 Cranberry GingerRecipe: tattooedmartha

Mulled Wine31 Mulled WineRecipe: domesticate-me

Chamomile Iced Tea with Apple and Passion Fruit30 chamomile iced tea with apple and passion fruitRecipe: drizzleanddip

Sparkling Cranberry Punch29 Sparkling Cranberry PunchRecipe: tasteandtellblog

Mediterranean Martini28 Mediterranean MartiniRecipe: nomnomnosh

Cranberry Sangria27 Cranberry SangriaRecipe: whatsgabycooking

Fresh Pineapple Juice26 Fresh Pineapple Juice RecipeRecipe: pepperbowl

Apple Ginger25 Apple GingerRecipe: lynnandlou

Cranberry Punch + Mulled Wine24 Cranberry Punch + Mulled WineRecipe: mariaushakova

Sparkling ginger apple punch with muddled cranberries22 Sparkling ginger apple punch with muddled cranberriesRecipe: snixykitchen

Fruit Punch for Lazies21 Fruit Punch for LaziesRecipe: maries-cuisine

Concord Grape Goblin20 concord grape goblin punchRecipe: prettyplainjanes

Hot Apple Cider Rum Punch19 Hot Apple Cider Rum PunchRecipe: browneyedbaker

Ginger Spiced Rum17 Ginger Spiced Rum PunchRecipe: rachaelwhite

Hot Cilantro Margarita15 Hot Cilantro MargaritaRecipe: manykitchens

Starfruit Mango Orange13 Starfruit Mango Orange PunchRecipe: dailycookingquest

White Wine Kiwi-Apple Sangria12 White Wine Kiwi-Apple SangriaRecipe: mamasgottabake

Ginger Cocktail (Gluten Free and Vegan)11 Ginger Cocktail (Gluten Free and Vegan)Recipe: beardandbonnet

Champaigne Punch05 Champaigne PunchRecipe: aspicyperspective

Spiked Egg Nog04 Spiked Egg NogRecipe: harriedhousewifeblog

Red Wine Sangria with Strawberries10 Red Wine Sangria with StrawberriesRecipe: theprimalist

Frosty Mocha PunchFrosty Mocha PunchRecipe: thegunnysack

Rooibos Peach Tea23 Rooibos Peach Tea PunchRecipe: simply-delicious

White Peach Sangria14 White Peach SangriaRecipe: cookingalamel

Hot Buttered Swedish Punsch06 Hot Buttered Swedish PunschRecipe: daydreamerdesserts

Rum Punch16 Rum PunchRecipe: theblondcook

Pomegranate Berry09 Pomegranate Berry PunchRecipe: eat-drink-love

Non-Alcohol Red Punch With Hibiscus07 Non-Alcohol Red Punch With HibiscusRecipe: foodienarium

Pine Cone Punch03 Pine Cone Punch RecipeRecipe: chow

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