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5 Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

Cold brew coffee is often confused with iced coffee. Iced coffee is hot coffee brewed the standard way and then poured over ice. Cold brew coffee is, as the name suggests, brewed with cold water.

So, why bother with cold brew coffee? Well, it makes a perfect base for some delicious drinks! Below you will find five recipes that are perfect for summer drinks!

How to Make the Cold Brew Coffee
Although you can buy cold brew coffee makers, it’s really not necessary – your standard home espresso machine or drip coffee maker will work just fine. Using a coarse grind of coffee and a ratio of 1:4 (coffee to cold water) brew your coffee. You can add more coffee for a sharper taste – remember that you need more coffee to water than you would for a hot brew so consider how much coffee you would normally use.

Leave it to stand for 12-24 hours and there you have it!

Once you have your cold brew coffee, you’re ready to start trying out these fun

Cinnamon and Orange Crush

● 50ml cold brew coffee
● ¼ of an orange
● Warm cinnamon sticks
● Pinch of cinnamon powder
● Pinch of coconut sugar
● Crushed ice

1 Add the ice to a glass
2 Squeeze the orange over the ice and then leave the segment in the glass
3 Add the cinnamon sticks
4 Pour the coffee over
5 Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon and coconut sugar

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

● 4oz cold brew coffee
● 4 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
● Ice

1 Add the coffee, milk and ice to a cocktail shaker
2 Shake for around a minute
3 Pour and serve (don’t strain)

Vanilla and Almond Swirl

● 75ml cold brew coffee
● 3 drops of vanilla extract
● A pinch of cinnamon
● Almond milk
● Ice

1 Add the coffee, vanilla extract and cinnamon to a glass
2 Give it a good mix
3 Add the ice and swirl it around
4 Add the almond milk to taste

Cold Brew Old Fashioned

● 6oz cold brew coffee
● 2 tablespoons of orange syrup
● 4 dashes of bitters
● 1 maraschino cherry
● Orange peel cut into a spiral
● Ice
● Optional: 50ml bourbon

1 Mix the orange syrup and bitters in a glass
2 Add the coffee and stir
3 Gently place a few ice cubes in
4 If you’re adding the bourbon, add it now
5 Decorate the glass with the cherry and orange zest spiral

Espresso Martini

● 30ml cold brew coffee
● 45ml vodka
● 15ml butterscotch schnapps
● 15ml coffee liqueur
● Ice
● A whole, unground coffee bean

The trick to a good martini is to make sure the ratios are right so be sure to measure all of your ingredients exactly!

1 Add all of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker
2 Shake for 30 seconds
3 Strain and serve
4 Decorate with a coffee bean

Now you can enjoy your coffee even on the hottest summer days and nights. Don’t forget that if you like your coffee to pack a punch, you can always make your original cold brew a little bit stronger!

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