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5 Essential Tips on Positioning Your TV Stand

A TV exists in almost every living space, whether it’s used a lot or not. To integrate it into your living room decor you will need to mount it on the wall or put it on a matching TV stand. Many years ago, the position of a TV and its stand was dictated by the sheer size of the TV. Nowadays however, ultra-thin TVs allow much more freedom when it comes to positioning the TV and stand. In this article I will talk about the position of your TV and stand.

Mount it on the wall

When you think of a wall-mounted TV, you may completely bypass the thought of mounting the TV stand as well, but this concept can actually look really cool and quirky. By placing both your TV and TV stand on a wall, you will be keeping a stylish and minimalistic feel to your living room without compromising on space or storage.

Many TV stands can be fitted with wall brackets that will enable you to place it exactly where you want, giving you ultimate freedom on where you wish to place your TV and TV stand.

Tuck it away in a corner

If your living room is a little short of space, it’s probably a good idea to position it in a corner of your living room that’s tucked away but still visible to everyone wishing to watch TV. Some of the best buy TV stands on the market are excellent at being positioned in a corner without scrimping on style or functionality.

A TV stand tucked away into a corner not only utilises all the space possible, but it also adds a unique edge to your living room. Also Make sure to add some of your favourite home decoration design pieces around those spaces for the perfect atmosphere.

Keep it angled away from the sun

The glare of the sun on a TV can be an absolute nightmare, especially during the height of the summer or just as the sun is setting.

It’s a good idea to position your TV stand away from the glare so that you don’t have to constantly angle your TV away from sunlight.

You should also avoid placing your TV stand right in front of a large window if possible as this will only block the sunlight that is able to stream into your living room.

Make sure it’s a good viewing distance away

To avoid straining your eyes and causing damage to them, you should aim to place your TV stand at an optimal viewing distance so that you can still see everything clearly but also to ensure that it’s not too close.

If you have a fairly small living room area then it can be difficult to position your TV stand in the best possible place but you should endeavour to keep it a safe distance away so as not to damage your eyes.

The size of your TV depends on how far away it should be placed; a larger TV should obviously be placed further away as the screen will be much more imposing and potentially damaging if you sit too closely.

Hide it away in an alcove or behind a concealed cupboard

If you prefer to keep your living area as minimalistic as possible then you may want to consider placing your TV stand in an alcove or concealed away behind a cupboard.

This will also allow you to save space, especially if it’s positioned in an alcove as you won’t have the TV and TV stand protruding into your living room as much.

You can get some excellent TV stands that fit perfectly into your desired space so that they can be perfectly nestled away.

Placing your TV inside a concealed cupboard is also a great idea if you’re wanting to save space as it will be hidden away and won’t be as imposing as it would be if it was just placed in the middle of your living room.

There are a number of things to consider when positioning your TV stand in your living room; you want to ensure that you save as much space as possible without compromising on viewing ability.

It’s also best practice to ensure your TV stand is positioned away from direct sunlight so you don’t suffer from any irritating glare when you settle down to watch your favourite programme.


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