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5 Tips for Using Leftover Wine

5 Tips for Using Leftover Wine

You don’t need to sigh at the waste and pour the leftover wine out when they spoiled after a wine tasting or a dinner where you open several bottles of wine and don’t finish them all. Here are 5 different solutions on how to handle this ‘problem’.

Make sangria

While leftover wine is too bitter to drink alone, it turns into a savory refresher when mixed with fruit, sugar and additional alcohol. Taking this path will give your wine a fresh new life.
wine sangria

Cook with it

You can always marinate following nights seafood with the leftover white or rose wine. Moreover poaching strawberries, pears, apples, peaches and figs is another way to use wine in order to give the fruits a strong flavor and dye them ruby red. It helps to transform unripe fruit into a succulent treat. You can also try using it as salad dressing and you will see how non-sense it is to buy dressings.


Clean fruits and vegetables

Wine can be replaced with baking soda as a natural fruit and vegetable cleaner. The acids and the alcohol in the wine dissolves impurities on the surface and kills most bacteria.

Frozen cubes of flavor

Contrary to the fact that alcohol not being able to freeze, wine does freeze. Pour leftover wine into an ice tray and freeze. They make the perfect amount to add to a marinara sauce, soups and other cooking uses.


Make Vinegar

If you don’t consume the wine within 36 hours, it starts to change then can be fermented into vinegar. It has natural properties that can transform into vinegar following the certain steps. There are various recipes for making your own vinegar at home.

So, if you are to decide whether to finish the bottle, pitch the bottle or hold it over for a day or two – keep in mind that you’ve got some options.

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