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5 Ways to Preserve Summer Tomatoes for Winter

As we still have an abundance of tomatoes, don’t you want to preserve them for winter? We will need them to garnish main dishes, cooked into soups and made into tasty sauces. Yet we still have time until September don’t waste your time to prepare tomatoes for winter use in various ways. So you can have the goodness of tomatoes with you all year long. In this article you will find a tip for peeling tomatoes, 5 ways to keep them and recipes for ketchup and pasta sauce.

Tip: How to peel tomatoes easily?

  • The easiest way to peel the tomatoes is with hot water. Boil a large pot of water and place the tomatoes in it until their peel split (for approximately 30 sec.). After hot water session, soak the tomatoes in cold water to cool down then core and peel them. You can use this method with fruits like peaches and apricots.

1 – Canning
canningRecipe: delectablemusings

2 – Sun-drying



sun-dried04Recipe: goodfoodnotmuchtime

3 – Grilling

oven-tomatoes02Recipe: mintcustard

4 – Freezing

Homemade Pasta SauceHomemade Pasta Sauce for FreezingRecipe: tonyastaab

Freezing Whole Tomatoesfreezing whole tomatoesRecipe: thewaytohisheartblog

KetchupketchupRecipe: simplebites

Diced Tomatoesdiced tomatoesRecipe: preetyskitchen

5 – Tomato Powderhomemade tomato powderRecipe: thehomesteadsurvival

This entry is a part of our Preserving Summer Harvest series.


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