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Perhaps, the mankind’s greatest achievement is that being capable of cooking.
Make no mistake though. Cooking can be way too sophisticated than it sounds. And may be it should anyway. There are those of us, who eats to live and those who lives to eat. This blog is obviously for the latter. Food on its own establishes the backbone of fine dining but it alone is never enough. From a simple folding of a napkin to finding and using the most exotic elements for a serving, everything we do to feed ourselves may end up providing us the joy of joys of life. When a hard day at work combines with starvation, some might feel being part of the foodchain by being at least fed to something sounds just right. However, thats not our case here.

Here starting right now, you are entering the world of transforming the most basic impulse into an art form. Creating heavenly kitchens is a pathway to many opportunities some consider as creating the best habitat for divine food. We sure will help you accomplish that.

Either for a night for 2 or the whole gang of friends, getting together around a table for some great food is just the best way of socializing. How about causing some ooohs and wows by how you dress your table? We sure will help you accomplish that.

What good is a great dish without a glass of wine to keep company? Wines and spirits, both appetizing and digestive are crucial elements of fine dining. And the holy grail of all questions, ‘what goes good with what’ is among other great tips you will be able to find on this blog…

We sure will help you accomplish that too…

Now put that bland dish aside and start chugging into the world of Sortrachen.
It will taste good in here!

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