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Blowing a lot of hot air. Discovering the choices you have in outdoor heating

It is good to know a few facts before choosing an outdoor heater that will best solve your heating needs. In modern living, the traditional fireplace is quickly being replaced with gas and electric heaters. However, making a choice between the two types of heat is one you will likely have to make, so it’s best to have all the facts at your disposal. Below, we discuss the different choices you have when it comes to heating your home and patio.


Gas Outdoor Heaters

Basically this means that gas is used to warm up air inside air ducts, either under the ceiling or the floor. They use the convectional heating technique. When the desired set temperature is reached, the fan stops blowing the hot air until the thermostat sensors trigger it back on. For a large outdoor area, this could take a while considering that air keeps blowing around. As with the costs, natural gas is a cost effective and eco-friendly way of heating in Australia, but since we are dealing with outdoor environments the costs will surely be higher in the long run. There are smaller portable gas heaters that can be used outdoors, but then again they will only be able to heat so much. The areas near the heater will be warmer than the areas further from it. With this in mind, unless you are heating an outdoor area that has some sort of enclosure around it, the best solution for outdoor heating is…


Electric Outdoor Heaters

Basically these are electric heater panels placed on the ceiling of a house or on the walls. They operate on the principle of heat radiation that slowly heats objects around just like the suns rays. They also have temperature controls and thermostats so you can set your desired temperature. The energy costs are significantly reduced due to the simple reason that air outside blows around.

So the choice is really yours. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but the electric outdoor heater is the best choice you can make for your Al-fresco dining area, patio, veranda, or even commercial places like pubs and garages. The installation process is easier and the maintenance schedule is longer. These will add to the savings which are in the upwards of 70%, in the long run. The only places that would need regular maintenance are in the coastal areas because of the salt build up.

For the more complicated heating requirements such as large factories, we do have high-temperature, low glow heaters that produce the heat and yet have an unobtrusive glow. These can also be used in areas like courts and fields where there is no undercover.


If you are looking for outdoor heating solutions, or even looking to revamp the inside of your home with better indoor heaters why not take a look at someone like www.heatstrip.com.au. They have a wide range of products from indoor to outdoor heaters that are efficient in every way; costs, quality and ability. Backed by original Australian design and innovation, our heat strips will cater for your every heating need around the country. They come with easy installation instructions and are complete with mountings and brackets to fit perfectly in the area you desire to install the heater.

Don’t listen to a whole of hot air, make a wise choice and include these in your next home improvement venture, before the cold sets in.