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Are Chefs Uniforms Function or Fashion?

There are many people who will spend a long period of time trying to decide what to wear for work, whether they work in a shop or an office. However, chefs do not have to worry about this as they have to wear a chef’s uniform, which can also be known as chef’s whites.

There are many features that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that a chef’s uniform is suitable for use in a professional kitchen.

They need to be able to be move freely and not have the risk of getting a hem or sleeve caught in any apparatus or catching fire.

With the popularity of a visible kitchen in restaurants increasing, the multiple purpose of a chef’s uniform will become more relevant. To a restaurant patron, the sight of a chef that is not appropriately dressed can mean that they are put off from returning.

Though everyone wants to look stylish, it is not enough for a chef’s uniform to simply look good and for all the other qualities to be ignored. As it is not designed to be shown on a catwalk, it has to be able to be used effectively in the real world and to be able to benefit the chef wearing it.

In order to be able to operate effectively, it is necessary for the uniform to be able to move in the same way as the chef, so that it does not hinder them.

A uniform that is suitably functional can assist a chef in being able to undertake their job to the best of their ability, such as if it comprises pockets that are suitable for storing particular items or loops upon which items can be hung for quick access. A good uniform will also be adjustable so that it is easy to lengthen and shorten the sleeves, such as whilst washing dishes or cooking over an open flame or whilst out on the restaurant floor respectively.

In a high-end restaurant, there will be a certain amount of style that is necessary to keep up with the image of the brand. Style can also play a part for professional chefs that attend functions, such as expos and roadshows, at which they may undertake cooking demonstrations while many people are looking at them, so looking scruffy will not be an option when they need to represent their restaurant well.

Customers at a restaurant or hotel will see staff going in and out of the kitchen. This will mean that the uniform will need to be clean and presentable in order to satisfy the customer that good standards are being met.

Fortunately, you do not have to settle for one or the other when you obtain uniforms from Chefworks, as this option will offer both function and style at the same time and create a uniform that any chef will be proud to wear.

By using our company, you can get the best of both worlds, which will ensure that the uniforms are stylish and capable of standing up to the rigors of a busy kitchen, meeting health and safety standards and keeping the wearer safe.

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