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Chilling Cocktail Recipes For Summer

It is not weekend yet but some of you are already on holiday. So are you ready to try something new to refresh you? Like sangrias, cocktails are another alternative to sip during the day. There is not only one cocktail recipe but wide range of them, mixing various flavors depending on your preference. Among the ocean of cocktail recipes, we piled up a few of them for you. Don’t end up the season before tasting one of these ridiculously delicious cocktails.

Frozen Mango
frozen-mangooRecipe: hungrycouplenyc

Blackberry Gin Fizz
blackberry-gin-fizzRecipe: freutcake

Pimm’s Cup
pimms-cupRecipe: honestlyyum

Raspberry Rose Fizz
raspberry-rose-fizzRecipe: honestlyyum

Strawberry Margarita
strawberry-margaritaRecipe: lisasdinnertimedish

Blackcurrant Margarita
blackcurrant-margaritaRecipe: marthafied

Watermelon Cooler
watermelon-coolersRecipe: mjskitchen

Redhead Ginger Cocktail
redhead-ginger-cocktailRecipe: yumsugar

Blackberry Cream Soda
blackberry-cream-sodaRecipe: tideandthyme

The Caipirinha
the-caipirinhaRecipe: kitchenriffs

Tropical Breeze
tropical-breezeRecipe: passthesushi

Garden Gimlet
garden-gimletRecipe: gastronomicalsovereignty

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