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How Do I Choose the Best Living Room Rug?

Rugs can make all the difference when it comes to designing your living room. They can really do wonders to compliment your stylish living room furniture and completely change the style of the room from traditional to modern. They can make the room look bigger or act as a centerpiece. Simply put, the choice of the rug can really transform your living room.

Picking out the right rug and matching the colors usually isn’t too difficult, yet homeowners often visit furniture stores and ask for advice on which rug would look best with the pieces they are planning on buying. If you’re choosing a new rug for your living room, consider these tips.

The Style
There are as many different rug styles as there are lighting options, living room furniture styles and room designs. That means you’re faced with a nearly infinite choice of combinations. People are no longer only keen or European or Persian style rugs. There are now many contemporary alternatives featuring geometric shapes, sisals, and floral elements. Before choosing the best style for your home, consider what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create. The rug does not need to match every furniture piece in the room but should work with the tones and textures of your furniture.

The Color
When choosing a rug, the color will most likely be your starting point. The rug will have a tremendous influence on the tone of the room, which is why you have to be extra careful when choosing. If your room is already equipped with furniture, you’ll want to match the rug to the furniture. Consider how the color of the rug will work with what’s already there. If your room is already rich in colors and patterns, you should choose a neutral or a single-colored rug. If you don’t have any furniture, you have more option ahead. In that case, try to find a perfect match for the tone of the walls, ceiling, and the floors. Rugs can either fit in or stand out as a focal point, so you have to decide what effect you want the rug to bring to the table.

The Pattern
Some people prefer rugs with patterns, while others prefer them clean. Like we previously mentioned, if your furniture already features a lot of patterns, a solid rug can bring the much-needed balance. But if your furniture and walls are in a single color, a rug with patterns can really breathe in life into your living room. You’ll have to find the balance. If you already have living room furniture, consider that before choosing a rug. If you decide on a patterned rug, you’ll have to consider whether you prefer a subtle pattern or one that stands out.

One thing homeowners often overlook is how much work they are willing to invest in keeping the rug is the pristine shape. With most rugs, regular vacuuming is a must. Some types of rugs like flat weaves are much easier to vacuum than others like high pile rugs, which often have to be cleaned by a professional.


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