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Cold Days Hot Drinks: Hot Chocolate and more

Do you like warming up your hand with a cup of hot drink? Me, too. Stargazing at the backyard is my favourite winter activity and hot chocolate or coffee is what accompanies me throughout the cold nights. So trying something different is inevitable, not only for the cold nights but also enjoy with friends at home or at the office. I haven’t known that there were loads of variations for especially hot chocolate then coffee before composing this article. As our motto is “share the joy”, here are the recipes we selected for you.

Almond Joy Hot Chocolate VeganAlmond Joy Hot Chocolate VeganRecipe: honeywhatscooking

Hot Cocoa SeriousnessHot Cocoa SeriousnessRecipe: svetlanahillkovich

Hot Chocolate DensoHot Chocolate DensoRecipe: confessionsofachopinholic

On a StickHot Chocolate on a StickRecipe: livinghealthywithchocolate

Coconut Whipped CreamHot Chocolate with Coconut Whipped CreamRecipe: gi365

Hot CocoaHot CocoaRecipe: the-broken-bread

Hot Spiced Carob DrinkHot spiced carob drinkRecipe: eat-love-and-be-happy

Nespresso Galliano Hot ShotNespresso Galliano Hot ShotRecipe: marthafied

Sweet & Spicy MayanSweet & Spicy Mayan Hot ChocolateRecipe: honeywhatscooking

With Red Palm OilWith Red Palm OilRecipe: bakingchic

Oreo McFlurry (with chocolate caramel syrup)Oreo McFlurry (with chocolate caramel syrup)Recipe: asplashofvanilla

Raw Hot ChocolateRaw Hot ChocolateRecipe: eatingvibrantly

Irish MintIrish Mint Hot ChocolateRecipe: curryandcomfort

With Coriander SeedHot Chocolate with Coriander SeedRecipe: somewhereoverthekitchen

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