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Cold Soups: Different Gazpacho Recipes

Delicious, healthy and speedy are the keywords for Gazpacho. A simple authentic gazpacho recipe is made with tomatoes, cucumber and bell peppers. Just blend them and add some oil and vinegar then cool for a while and it is ready! If you are looking for different tastes then you can try Gazpacho variations with strawberry, papaya, cherry, watermelon, cheese… Like salads, what to include is totally up to you and it is also a great way to up your intake of fruits and vegetables. So don’t wait to beat the heat with a large bowl of Gazpacho!

Authentic Spanish GazpachoAUTHENTIC SPANISH GAZPACHORecipe: mayihavethatrecipe

Cilantro GazpachoCilantro gazpachoRecipe: invitadoinvierno

Silken GazpachoSilken GazpachoRecipe: ouichefnetwork

White GazpachoWhite GazpachoRecipe: playinwithmyfood

Gazpacho with Roasted Red PepperGAZPACHO WITH ROASTED RED PEPPERRecipe: multicultikitchen

Green GazpachoGreen GazpachoRecipe: budgetbytes

Ottolenghi’s Green Gazpachoottolenghis Green GazpachoRecipe: yummysupper

Papaya GazpachoPapaya GazpachoRecipe: muchadoaboutfooding

Cherry Gazpachocherry gazpachoRecipe: savorysimple

Cool Watermelon and Hatch Chile GazpachoCool Watermelon and Hatch Chile GazpachoRecipe: cookandbemerry

Gazpacho with Cheese and Basil Ice-creamGazpacho with cheese and basil ice creamRecipe: tengounhornoysecomousarlo

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