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How to Cook the Perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving

Now that the thanksgiving is coming up, here is a great ‘first-timers’ turkey recipe which is both absolutely technique-free and gorgeous to taste buds. Bye the time you’re done cooking, your bird will be so beautiful that you will post a picture of it on your whichever social-media and wish it was on the cover of a food magazine.

First off all, get yourself a baking dish that will hold your bird hassle free and cover the bottom with sliced up onion and carrot with chopped celery ribs. Take your bird and wash it thoroughly. Before setting on your baking dish, make sure you dry it off really well with a paper towel.

Season the inside cavity and the outside very very generously with salt and pepper. Fold the wingtips under. On a saute pan, melt and slightly brown a knob of butter and throw in some sage and rosemary leaves. Fresher the better. Wilt the leaves for ONLY and I mean ONLY for 60 seconds. We do not want to cook them all the way, just perfume them up a little. Fish out the herbs from the butter and lay them in the inside cavity of your bird. With a cooking string, tie the legs together. Take the melted butter and by the help of a basting brush, spread it all over the bird. Season the breast again with cosher salt. Again generously for it will crisp up the skin and bring texture hence flavor.

And here you go. The prep is done.

Throw in a 350 degree hot oven for 15 minutes per pound. If you’re using an instant reading thermometer, that is 175 degrees inside temperature. So if you have a 3 pound bird, that is 45 minutes in the oven. There will be some delicious turkey juice on the bottom of the baking dish. Don’t you dare throwing it away. We will make a gravy out of it. But in a different post.

Keep in touch and enjoy your meal!

thanksgiving-turkeyPhoto Credit: walmartlivebetter

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