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Crowd-Appealing Cheesecake Recipes

Who can resist cheesecakes with their creamy, comforting taste, served with any fruits in season? They are the best centerpieces of big family gatherings. A butter, biscuit base, layered with cheese and various toppings, what makes a cheesecake. Leaving aside the traditional one, there are wide range of cheesecake recipes to explore this mouthwatering dessert. These are favourites, which one is yours?

strawberry-cheesecakeRecipe: creolecontessa

limoncello-cheesecakeRecipe: carolinebrouwer

chocolate-cherry-cheesecakeRecipe: citrusandcandy

double-chocolate-peanut-butterRecipe: ohsweetday

cinnamon-cheesecakeRecipe: anncoojournal

rhuharb-cheesecakeRecipe: ahouseinthehills

peach-cheesecakeRecipe: womanandhome

japanese-cheesecakeRecipe: justonecookbook

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