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Crown Your Tea-Time Cupcake Recipes

When talking about cupcakes there are loads of recipes and decoration ideas categorised mainly by the sponge, frosting and theme. You can bake the simpliest sponge but if you decorate it creatively, noone cares about the taste or vice versa. But making a delicious recipe with the gorgeous look is enough to make you the star of the tea time. Whether you have you have a large scale of cupcake recipes or not, note down these ones or pin them for later so you can enrich your repertoire.

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
chocolate-raspberry-cupcakesRecipe: pdxfoodlove

Vanilla Cupcakes
vanilla-cupcakesRecipe: joanne-eatswellwithothers

Nutella Cupcakes
nutella-cupcakesRecipe: roxanashomebaking

White Texas Sheet
white-texas-sheet-cupcakesRecipe: the-taste-tester

Apple Cashew
apple-cashew-cupcakesRecipe: nyoutritious

Red Velvet
red-velvet-cupcakesRecipe: cookingforkeeps

almond-cupcakeRecipe: crazyforcrust

Triple Berry
triple-berry-cupcakesRecipe: bakerhi

Marcona Almond Cupcakes
marcona-almond-cupcakesRecipe: beth-dunham

Lucky Charms
lucky-charms-cupcakesRecipe: spoonfulofflour

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