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Crunchy Chicken Recipes

Chicken is something we can never get enough of. It is maybe the most versatile food that you can make anything with from soups to snacks. Today we want it to be a little crunchy (maybe more) and compiled many different recipes to enrich your repertoire. You can add some potatoes as sider and a large bowl of salad including autumn veggies and fruits then turn your dinner ritual into a savory, festive one. Just have a look at the recipes below and decide how you will champ your chicken.

Sesame Chicken StripsSesame Chicken StripsRecipe: dinnervine

Smoked Almond Chicken Salad Tea SandwichesSmoked Almond Chicken Salad Tea SandwichesRecipe: inspirationkitchen

Tangy Barbecue Pulled Chicken SandwichTangy Barbecue Pulled Chicken SandwichRecipe: inspiredtaste

Chicken Chipotle BurgerChicken Chipotle BurgerRecipe: angsarap

Crispy Crunchy Boneless Chicken WingsCrispy Crunchy Boneless Chicken WingsRecipe: onceuponagourmetgin

Trini Style Fried ChickenTrini Style Fried ChickenRecipe: tastesspicy

Panko Cheddar Crusted Chicken FingersPANKO CHEDDAR CRUSTED CHICKEN FINGERSRecipe: runningtothekitchen

Chicken with Avocado and Egg SaladAvocado EggsRecipe: sarahscucinabella

Maple-Pecan Crusted ChickenMaple-Pecan Crusted ChickenRecipe: cookingontheside

Pretzel Crusted Chicken with Cheesy Beer SaucePretzel Crusted Chicken with Cheesy Beer SauceRecipe: handletheheat

Sesame-crusted Chicken with Sweet Chilli GlazeSesame-crusted Chicken with Sweet Chilli GlazeRecipe: tofoodwithlove

Sweet Chilli Fried Chicken with French BeansSweet Chilli Fried Chicken with French BeansRecipe: tofoodwithlove

Baked Chicken FingersBaked Chicken FingersRecipe: sweetpeaskitchen

Homemade Shake’n BakeHomemade Shake’n BakeRecipe: kitchensimplicity

Chicken BallsChicken ballsRecipe: thingswemake

Chicken Satay with Crunchy Peanut SauceChicken Satay with Crunchy Peanut SauceRecipe: mykitchensnippets

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