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Current Interior Design Trends You Need to Know About

If you’re thinking about giving your house a makeover this year, whether just for you and your family to enjoy or to help you sell your property more quickly and easily, you might like to check out the current interior design trends having an impact around the world. Read on for some key trends to consider for inspiration right now. 

Nature-based Decorating

In recent years sustainability has become more and more of a focus for many people, so it’s not a surprise that when it comes to interior design trends, there is a similar nod to nature. In 2019 we’ll see increasing numbers of products hitting the mainstream made from more eco-friendly materials (think jute, bamboo, recycled timbers, rice paper, clay and the like). In addition, shoppers will be searching for more organic, handmade products produced individually as opposed to en masse. 

A related trend is that of finding ways to be more connected to nature within buildings. To stay in touch with the outside world consumers are bringing nature indoors. For instance, indoor plants are as are earthy materials and color palettes. This year there is growth in the number of products being released in shades such as burnt gold, sand, terracotta, earthen gray, olive green, browns, taupe and ochre. 

Backsplashes With Pattern

Although over the last five to 10 years, many people have kept their kitchen and bathroom designs simple, streamlined and monochromatic, this is starting to change. Today, we’re seeing more of a tendency for wet areas to make an impact, especially when it comes to backsplashes. 

Instead of plain white tiles or those made in other subdued designs, backsplashes with bright, bold patterns are becoming all the rage. Take a look at magazines and blogs and other media and you’ll spot lots of examples of tiles in both look-at-me colors and in strong, black-hued options, all with memorable patterns. 

Colorful Kitchens

Similarly, color is making its way into kitchens, not just on backsplashes but throughout the whole space. Designers are moving away from the classic stainless-steel appliances, all-white cabinets and simple countertops and injecting shots of color.

For example, popular at the moment are cabinets in dark yet elegant shades such as black and deep blues and greens. In countertops, there are many more warmer-hued, darker choices being made, to compliment the color in cabinets. What’s more, no longer are appliances chosen to blend in. Increasingly, shoppers are searching for bright products including not just toasters, kettles and mixers but also more substantial appliances like fridges and ovens. 

Maximalist Design

Another big change happening in the world of interior design is a move away from minimalism, which has been a real mainstay for more than a decade. Instead, now there’s a leaning toward maximalist stylings. For instance, large-scale artworks that take up whole walls are becoming more the norm. 

There is also plenty of interest in oversized furniture. This includes things like lamps, couches, decorative objects, sculptures, chairs and more. While it might feel a bit daunting to go down this path because of the need to get large, bulky and potentially heavy pieces set up in your home, keep in mind that you can hire people to help with this side of things. For example, check out these companies who offer Los Angeles furniture assembly and installation.

Four-poster Beds

If you’re someone who has always felt four-poster beds were a romantic and luxurious choice in a bedroom, you’ll be happy to hear that one interior design trend of 2019 is a rise in this type of bedroom furniture. 

While it’s hard to say for sure how this interest has resurged, some people think the uncertain economic, political and social times we’re living in are making people more interested in feeling safe and secure in their homes. A four-poster bed, with its encompassing design, might be a way to get this sense of comfort. 


On the other hand, away from the old-school, romantic appeal of four-poster beds, there is also a current trend for the use of many more mixed metal accents inside properties. Designers are opting to decorate homes and other spaces with not just one but two to three different metal accents at a time. For instance, this includes materials such as brass, pewter, gold, nickel, aged iron, silver and the like. Intermingled together, these accents can create an eye-catching look and add depth and texture to spaces. 


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