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Current Kitchen Trends

Every few years, kitchen fashions and trends change and if you’re looking to have a new kitchen installed then it’s a good idea to look at the designs available to choose one which fits your lifestyle.

When looking at the different ideas for fitted kitchens, Burnley residents want to know that they are getting stylish products which are value for money but will last for many years.

Some trends to consider when you’re looking for a new kitchen:

Centre islands
Centre islands have been popular for a number of years now but are growing in size as they take on more importance. Once originally a prepping area, they are now a multi-functional space to prepare, cook and eat food and so in turn are getting bigger to accommodate this increase in utilisation.


Feature lighting
One of the big trends this year is to swap eye level cupboards for shelving and to use large, feature lights in the gaps in between. It’s now time to display those favourite bowls on open shelving and to wire in Anglepoise-lamps at strategic places to give fantastic directional lighting.

Lighting over the centre island is also high on the list of design changes with large pull-down pendant lamps being very popular. It turns a functional light into a talking point when lowered – even more so as the top lighting trend at the moment is the chandelier and it being placed in every room of the house – including the kitchen.


Move over chrome
There’s a huge move from chrome and nickel mixed with stainless steel to aged and antiqued brass, bronze and iron fittings and natural materials such as stone and wood being used as feature accents.

Solid wood is now a favourite for worktops and huge slabs of granite are replacing stainless steel splash backs. Those who are really wanting to make a talking point and have the space are covering whole walls with either granite or marble.

Whilst white is still the most popular colour, natural and neutral colours are really featuring on many kitchen designs. These include mushroom and stone colours and very pale grey is a surprising hit at the moment for someone who wants a light colour but wants to move away from the absolute brightness of white. Experts at Ramsbottom Kitchen agree that it’s worth taking your time when choosing a new kitchen and it’s important that for fitted kitchens, Burnley folk think about their lifestyle and build their kitchen around it.


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