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Decorating your Office Space the Smart Way

The design and decoration of your office is (surprisingly for some) an important element of your business. How your office looks and feels says a lot about you and your business – and can have an impact on the wellbeing and productivity of your employees. We know all about adding a fresh, natural touch to your working area – so allow us to share our top tips on decorating your office the smart way.

indoor-plan03Image Credit: gaddysplanthire

Less is more

A busy office crowded with furniture makes for a stressful working environment not only for you and your staff but also for any potential clients or suppliers who may come in. Decide on an overall theme and stick to it – then purchase furniture which goes with your look accordingly. Don’t buy mismatching furniture or items which you’re not sure you will use. Think about the layout too – where will everything go and have you really got room for it all? If you’ve got windows, consider where everybody should be placed so that they have access to plenty of natural light but can still see their computer screens without the glare of the sun. White walls or walls painted in a neutral colour like sand, grey, beige or oatmeal have a therapeutic, calming effect and aren’t distracting or gaudy.

Be creative

This space is your own – so make it individual by adding touches that are personal to your brand and business. Brand identity is crucial to your business on the outside – so why not make it a priority inside, too? Make sure you’ve got signage indoors and out in tip-top condition and perhaps invest in some branded extras which can bring your brand to life within the office for employees and visitors alike.  You’d be surprised at how great it makes the office look, and your clients will be very impressed.

 A little decoration goes a long way

The office is rarely a place where each individual member of staff can express their creative preferences – but allowing one or two photographs or personal items not only adds a friendly, quirky feel to your space but has also been shown to increase productivity and happiness in your workforce. Plants are a fabulous way to introduce understated, fresh, natural decoration into the office with little mess, fuss or cost – plus plants have many benefits of their own including air purifying properties and a calming, healing presence which can boost creativity and cheerfulness in the office. A reputable plant hire company will be able to provide lush, top-quality real plants to businesses so you can rest assured that you can add horticultural style to your office for a fantastic price, and with low maintenance too!

It doesn’t have to cost the earth

If all this office overhauling has your accountant sweating under the collar a little – then don’t worry. Making a few small changes is rarely expensive – especially if you’re savvy and shop around to source the items you want at the best possible price. Attend various auctions, check out office clearances and take a look at deals online when looking for furniture in particular. Even if you do splash the cash a little more than you would have liked, it’s been proven that transforming your office with these simple touches can actually make you more money – with a happier, more productive workforce and clients impressed with your welcoming, inviting business premises.

If you fancy enhancing your office by adding some fantastic foliage, why not check out the range of office plants from Gaddy’s and bring some colour into your office!

indoor-plan04Image Credit: gaddysplanthire

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