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Delicious Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

While you are still cooking for the holiday, we have seen lots of leftovers in your future and decided to collect some recipes to turn your cold Thanksgiving meals into new tasty ones. Instead of simply reheating your leftovers to continue the holiday feast, be creative and prepare new family favourites out of your leftovers. You will surely have some turkey left and you can grab it to prepare turkey pesto panini to surprise your family with a hearty breakfast. What’s more reusing the party food with easy to prepare recipes can also help you with saving dollars after holiday spending. Check our recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers all of which are easy on the cook and easy on the budget.

Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas
green-chile-turkey-enchiladasRecipe: muybuenocookbook

Hawaiian BBQ Turkey Flatbread Pizza
hawaiian-bbq-turkey-flatbread-pizzaRecipe: damndelicious

Turkey Bolognese
turkey-bologneseRecipe: babble

turkey-quesadillasRecipe: jasonandshawnda

Baked Turkey Croquettes
baked-turkey-croquettesRecipe: skinnytaste

Turkey Pho
turkey-phoRecipe: healthygreenkitchen

Vegetable Hash
turkey-vegetable-hashRecipe: anediblemosaic

Monte Cristo Panini
turkey-monte-cristo-paniniRecipe: paninihappy

Pot Pie
easy-turkey-pot-pieRecipe: onehungrymama

Curried Turkey Pita
curried-turkey-pitaRecipe: eatatallies

White Turkey Chili
white-turkey-chiliRecipe: somethewiser

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