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Different Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween has left us with a mountain of candy in every corner of the house and now we are all trying to figure out ways to use it up in order to control the amount our kids eat. Luckily there are various sweet solutions to consume them such as simply freezing to use throughout the year or turning the candy into sweet treats. Before you get lost into the web searching for recipes, we have already collected the most delicious and entertaining ones for you.

Pretzel Bites
pretzel-bitesRecipe: table

Reese’s Stuffed Mini Cheesecake
reeses-stuffed-mini-cheesecakeRecipe: table

Snickers and Pretzel Milkshake
snickers-pretzel-milkshakeRecipe: ambrosiabaking

Kit Kat Oatmeal Cookies
kitkat-oatmeal-cookiesRecipe: mouthwateringfoods

Oreo Truffles
oreo-trufflesRecipe: formalfringe

Parmesan Truffle Pumpkin Seeds
parmesan-truffle-pumpkin-seedsRecipe: seeyouinthemorning

Candy Bar Caramel Corn
candy-bar-caramel-cornRecipe: howsweeteats

Butterfinger Bars
butterfinger-barRecipe: foodsforthesoul

Monster Cookies
monster-cookiesRecipe: thelawstudentswife

Botched Butterscotched Bars
botched-butterscotched-barsRecipe: wasabiprime

Candy Covered Cookies
candy-covered-cookiesRecipe: yumsugar

Hand Pies
hand-piesRecipe: diethood

butterfingersRecipe: fullcircleadv

Candy Bar Shortbread Squares
candy-bar-shortbread-squaresRecipe: eatatallies

Halloween Candy Blondies
halloween-candy-blondiesRecipe: justataste

Pumpkin Pie
pumpkin-pieRecipe: bake-online

Reese’s Krispies
reeses-krispiesRecipe: ohsweetbasil

Cookie Dough Energy Bites
cookie-dough-energy-bitesRecipe: fooddoodles

Candy Bark
candy-barkRecipe: seededatthetable

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