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Discover Different Banana Recipes

Have lots of bananas and searching for quick and easy recipes to make with them? You are at the right place. Whether they are fresh or overripe, there are many tasty and creative recipes for bananas. For instance, you can whip up super thick & creamy pudding or you can create quick meals by just laying some banana topping on a slice of bread and toasting. But if you can’t use them immediately, here is a tip for you to keep your bananas: you can either freeze them with their peel on or peel off and place in a freezing bag. Remember to add some lemon juice in order to prevent the bananas turn brown. Frozen bananas work perfect especially with muffins and cakes. So enjoy glancing at these healthy and time saving banana recipes and let us know about your own creations.

Ice Cream
banana-ice-creamRecipe: oneingredientchef

banana-toastRecipe: lunchboxbunch

banana-crostiniRecipe: topwithcinnamon

Banana Split
banana-splitRecipe: whateversleft

banana-muffinRecipe: hezzi-dsbooksandcooks

Breakfast Cake
banana-breakfast-cakeRecipe: cookingalamel

banana-oat-smoothieRecipe: traceysculinaryadventures

Banana Bread
banana-breadRecipe: ericasrecipes

nilla-wafer-banana-puddingRecipe: kitchennostalgia

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