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DIY Projects That Will Completely Transform Your Backyard


Your backyard is one of the most useful and versatile areas of your home. When it comes to do-it-yourself projects and decorating or remodelling your backyard, the possibilities are endless. You can create a visually appealing living space that is perfect for entertaining. Depending on what kind of backyard you desire you can get started on a number of DIY projects that will completely transform your backyard. Whether you add a BBQ grill and pool for entertaining or cubby house where the kids can safely play, the possibilities are endless. Here are 5 DIY ideas to get you started.

  1. Entertaining: DIY Outdoor Bench

If you have limited seating in your backyard and you’re feeling creative, why not create a bench? An outdoor bench is not only a great use of space but it can liven up any outdoor area. You don’t necessarily have to invest in more outdoor seating you can simply create your own. By adding some bright pillows and cushioning it will be comfy whilst looking great. All you need is several pieces of plywood, a few nails, a hammer and some paint. Place it in a location under cover and where it will get used.

  1. The Garden: DIY Planting Board

If you’re looking to create a veggie patch, a do-it-yourself planting board will help you out.

If you’re planning on planting seeds you’ll need to dig holes. This can become tiresome and hard on your body that’s why you need a DIY planting board. Gardening is a great hobby and has been known to help cure depression. Dr. Mercola writes about how Gardening can help cure depression. “According to a recent survey for Gardeners World magazine, 80 percent of gardeners reported being “happy” and satisfied with their lives, compared to 67 percent of non-gardeners.”

Quick tip: A post hole digger is also a great alternative to manually digging holes. Gardening can take a huge toll on your body so having an auger really takes the backache out of it.

  1. For The Kids: DIY Rope Swing

Kids are full of energy and are always looking for something to climb or swing on. A cost effect way to surprise your children is by putting up a rope swing in the backyard. It’s cost effective, durable and the kids will love you for it. You’ll be surprised by how much fun your kids will have on a simple rope swing.

  1. Lighting: DIY Glowing Orbs

With some old glass shades and some outdoor Christmas lights you can create a backyard wonderland. Outdoor lighting can be expensive; this lighting DIY is a great alternative. Just put the glass shades anywhere in your back yard and fill them with the Christmas lights. They are a great way to use lighting effectively. They create a beautiful atmosphere for your backyard, especially at night.

Quick tip: This DIY is obviously not water proof. If you are looking to create the perfect magical vibe on land or water, the LED pool lights are what you’re looking for.

  1. Landscaping: DIY Vintage Flower Buckets

Landscaping doesn’t mean you have to remodel your whole backyard. It can be as simple as creating some vintage flower buckets. They are a super easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself project. All you’ll need is some silver buckets and your favourite flowers and some soil. Domain writes how “Landscaping is a win–win proposition. Greenery around your home increases property value, is great for the environment and has been shown to improve your health”

Quick tip: Place them at the entrance of you home and they will add a pop of colour to your home.

Keep in mind that it is essential to organise your backyard efficiently and to make the best of all your available space. Choose DIY projects that are going to suit the amount of space you have and your particular needs.

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