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Dodge These $10,000 Kitchen Mistakes!

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting thing. It gives you the chance to build the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of. After all, the kitchen is an important room in the house. It is responsible for offering the tools that will allow you to feed your and your family as well as providing ample opportunities to entertain friends and provide food for parties. The one problem with dream kitchens can be that they are exactly that, “dream” and not reality. People have a tendency to forget that not everything they think up will play out well in practice. There are a number of pitfalls to avoid that can be costly to fix after the fact.

Being Too Trendy
This is a very common mistake that people make. While wanting to add flare to the kitchen is understandable and part of the fun of redesigning your kitchen, going with the latest trends is not suggested. The reason is trends begin to look dated very quickly with lifespans which are often less than a year. Your custom kitchen cabinets will barely be finished being made before the next trend has taken over. You don’t want your kitchen to be the equivalent of one of those lime green rooms from the ‘80s or wooden panelled walls from the ‘70s that always get a good laugh.

Poor Quality
This brings us to our next point, always opt for the item of better quality. Renovations are expensive, and you want to be sure that furniture and fixtures you’re buying will last for years to come. No one wants to have to do a complete overhaul of their kitchen every 5 years. This is expensive and time consuming, both of which could be better spent in other ways. Opt for hardwoods instead of softwoods or laminates, as well as tile over linoleum.

Poor Traffic Layout
You want to easily be able to access all areas of your kitchen with ease, because in the end you’re working when you are cooking in there. You will find it frustrating to a have to dance around items and fixtures that are in the way. When you’re designing don’t base the layout on what you think looks good. The design should revolve around the kitchen work triangle. This is the sink, the oven, and the fridge. You will want to be able to access each of these items easily from each other because people tend to visit each often while cooking. Having to walk around an island each time you want to get to the sink from the fridge or oven will get annoying quickly. Likewise, placing the fridge in the corner might cause a traffic jam if you live with others. Always think about how the design will play out in life, not just in looks.

Storage Space
Between the pots and pans, cutlery, food, baking equipment, and dishes, kitchens need to be built with a lot of storage space in mind. A good rule is to plan for more storage space that what you think you’re going to need, because as we all know, life has a way of sneaking up on you. So don’t limit cabinets because you would like more wall room for something like decor or art, always take a practical approach to the renovations. Another mistake some people make is having custom kitchen cabinets made that are extra long as a way of creating more storage up instead of along the walls. While a good idea in theory, it becomes an ordeal for many to get items off of the top shelves, and end up empty much of the time.

Not Consulting a Professional
Updating your kitchen seems like a something you can do yourself, and there’s a good chance it will turn out just fine if it’s a small change. But there is a reason why there are professionals. There job is to keep an eye on the things that most people will overlook. They have more experience in designing work areas, as well as have seen how different issues arise in what seem like good ideas. Hiring one will allow you to benefit from years of experience and many different projects.

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