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Enlightened: A Stylistic Guide to Beautifying Your Home Through Lighting

The way your home is lit can make a world of difference in regard to how each room is perceived. A room with relatively little natural light could be considered gloomy unless the artificial light you do have is bright enough to illuminate the place sufficiently, while a room with way too much light from any source will just be uncomfortable to be in. This is why finding the mid ground is important and necessary in all private and public buildings.

Your home is no exception to this rule. Without the perfect balance of light, you might put off friends and family that come visit you in your new place, however finding the right kind of lighting can also draw more people in and make them feel comfortable. We have put together a guide to beautifying your home through lighting, in the hopes that it aids you in putting the finishing touches on your home sweet home.

Natural Lighting

During the day, it doesn’t cost anything to light your home. Open the blinds and let the sun shine through, illuminating every dark corner of your home and allowing you to save on your energy bills at the same time. Natural sunlight provides a world of benefits for your body, whilst also being the right brightness so as to not be uncomfortable for your eyes, making it a great choice for a first stop in lighting your home.

The downside to this natural light, however, is that it can heat up your home in the warmer months. Plus, unless you made sure to include lots of windows in your blueprints when your home was being built, you might not have enough window space to allow sufficient light in. If this is the case, consider looking into a professional who specialises in interior design in Melbourne, to help you with arranging stylish mirrors and other subtly reflective surfaces to distribute the light a little further.

Artificial Lights

The next thing to take into account is the amount of artificial light you’re using for your home. Artificial light sounds worse than it is, because most people’s homes are constantly lit by at least one electrical light. They can be just as warm as sunlight, or even warmer if you buy specific light bulbs, and you can more easily control their placement than you can with windows and natural light. Hanging lights with Edison bulbs are now becoming trendy as a form of lighting as well as an interesting kind of decoration as well.


Finally, there is the colour of the light that you’re spreading through your house. Many people don’t consider colour to be a variable that they can play around with. However, with the presence of so many affordable coloured bulbs on the market, you can choose to have your home lit up in all the colours of the rainbow.

Blues will give your home a cooler feel, and reds, yellows, and oranges will fill your house with a home-like glow. Try not to mix and match these bulbs too much unless you’re going for a more chaotic look, as your eyes can strain to discern what an object is when it’s lit from different angles with different brightnesses and different colours.

With this guide, your home is ready to be filled with natural, artificial, and colour coded lights, all of which can make your home feel more like a home than it ever has before.

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