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Festive Party Tables For 4th of July

Do you think cooking party food for 4th of July is enough for hosting guests? Of course not! Decorating your table reflecting the importance of the day is a must. So why not adding some red, blue and white to your table setting? You can either go to a world market to get some flags and accesories or you can make your own paper flowers, candles and even napkins & napkin rings. Celebrate the day with festive food and tablescape!

This entry is a part of our 4th of July series.

4th of july tablescapes22

4th of july tablescapes01

4th of july tablescapes24

4th of july tablescapes27

4th of july tablescapes28

4th of july tablescapes02

4th of july tablescapes05

4th of july tablescapes06

4th of july tablescapes19

4th of july tablescapes12

4th of july tablescapes10

4th of july tablescapes29

4th of july tablescapes23

4th of july tablescapes08

4th of july tablescapes09

4th of july tablescapes18

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