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Fluffy & Tasty Pancake Recipes

Don’t waste time looking for something different for breakfast. Pancakes are here for you. They turn your breakfast into a delicious meal. All you need is some tried and trusted pancake recipes with unexpected mix-ins to start a tasteful day. (Keep in mind, the batter is best if you make it the night before!)

Blueberry Pancakes
blueberry_pancakesRecipe: dailygourmet

Chocolate Chip Espresso
chocolate_chip_espresso_pancakeRecipe: ozmundaregalis

Chocolate Chip
chocolate_chip_pancakeRecipe: kitchentreaty

Fluffy Chocolate Banana
fluffy_chocolate_banana_pancakesRecipe: thecomfortofcooking

Oatmeal Pancakes
oatmeal_pancakesRecipe: budgetbytes

Red Velvet
red_velvet_pancakesRecipe: krissers-cookiecrumble

Avacado Buttermilk
california_avocado_buttermilk_pancakesRecipe: thecafesucrefarine

Fluffy Pancakes
fluffy-pancakesRecipe: novicehousewife

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes
banana_oatmeal_pancakesRecipe: jocooks

Fresh Blueberry
fresh_blueberry_pancakesRecipe: pickfreshfoods

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