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Fresh Baked Cookies for Easter

Now we are all on Easter holiday ad having great time with our family and friends. For the ones who like to spend time in the kitchen it is a golden opportunity to try new recipes. Easter themed cookies are our new favorite. Easy to make, fun to decorate, those bunny shaped cuties are ready to crown our tea time chats. You can also put some in a box and take it to your neighbours as a surprising gift. So we decided to include a tutorial for making your own cookie box at home. Hope you enjoy the recipes for Easter cookies and try baking them during the holiday.

Bonus: Cookie Box TutorialboxTutorial: itsalwaysautumn

easter17Recipe: gwenskitchencreations

easter18Recipe: bakeat350

easter20Recipe: milgrageas

easter03Recipe: wearychef

easter04Recipe: cookingandbeer

easter05Recipe: theonewithallthetastes

easter06Recipe: themerrythought

easter07Recipe: lovelylittlekitchen

easter09Recipe: azestybite

easter10Recipe: easybaked

easter02Recipe: kristendukephotography

easter14Recipe: hungryhappenings

easter16Recipe: gwenskitchencreations

Recipe: familyfreshcooking

Recipe: larecetadelafelicidad

Recipe: larecetadelafelicidad

Recipe: utry

Recipe: utry

Recipe: bakeandbait