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Frosty Delicious Parfait Recipes

Parfait is basically a dessert made of sugar, ice-cream, sauce and fruits. But different countries have different recipes for this layered dessert. For example, the traditional French-style dessert parfait contains sugar, whip cream, an egg yolk, sauce, cold fruit and frozen ice cream and usually served on a plate. While Americans have it in a tall, clear glass and made by layering ice-cream, fresh fruits and liqueurs, topped with whipped cream. All in all we can say there are various recipes for parfaits and you can even create yours. If you want it to be light and low in calories, you can replace ice-cream with yoghurt and remove or use low-fat whipped cream. As we still have the juicy fruits of summer, don’t wait to try these quick to prepare frosty delicious treat!

Berry Parfait
SONY DSCRecipe: dailygourmet

Jello Strawberry
jello-strawberry-parfaitRecipe: gratefulprayerthankfulheart

Baileys and Hot Chocolate
baileys-hot-chocolate-tiramisuRecipe: phamfatale

Banana Split Parfait
banana-split-parfaitRecipe: seasonwithspice

Butterscotch Pudding and Brownie
butterscotch-pudding-brownie-parfaitsRecipe: portuguesegirlcooks

Cozy Romeo
cozy-romeo-parfaitsRecipe: thecozyapron

Party Parfaits
party-parfaitsRecipe: thecozyapron

Mini Lemon Vanilla
mini-lemon-vanilla-parfaitsRecipe: daisysworld

Bluberry Pie Yogurt
blueberry-pie-yogurt-parfaitsRecipe: attunefoods

S’mores Parfaits
smores-parfaitsRecipe: cookingclassy

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