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How to Grill Safely from A Woman’s Perspective

The whole men vs women in the kitchen debate are continuously kept alive. Don’t worry since this is not one of those who’s better in the kitchen articles. Barbecue parties are commonly hosted by the patriarch of the family.

It is considered to be a man’s job to do the grilling, since barbecue and beer go along well, right? But isn’t it interesting to learn about a woman’s perspective on grilling, specifically safe grilling?

More and more and women have taken on the task of grilling whether it be indoors or outdoors. There are instances that grilling can turn into a disaster.

It exposes you to the risk of fires and burns, which is why grilling should be done with great caution. Let’s take a look at what we can learn about how women value and apply kitchen safety practices when it comes to grilling.

1. Prioritizing safe food preparation

Before you can start grilling, you need to prepare the food to be grilled first. Food poisoning is a possible occurrence whenever we eat.

It is commonly caused by contaminated food, harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites present in food that is wrongfully handled, stored or cooked. Whenever women grill, or cook, they always see to it that food is properly prepared.

· Always wash your hands as often as you can before, during, and after handling food to avoid the spread of germs.
· Cook or grill food at the right temperature to avoid bacteria growth.
· Refrigerate food at the earliest possible time after buying them.
· Cook or grill food immediately after it is thawed.
· Keep utensils, cookware, and grill equipment clean at all times. Kitchen shears that are used for cutting poultry products, knives used for slicing food, and grilling tongs should be properly sanitized.

2. Familiarizing and following grilling instructions

Women’s love for cookbooks is a testament to their high inclination to follow written instructions. Following the instructions for your grill is not a bad thing. Knowing how the equipment works can enable you from doing things without a hitch.

All grills are not made the same. Each has different features and grilling requirements. By reading and familiarizing the instructions of the grill, you are already doing a preventive safety practice.

3. Placing the grill at a safe distance from your home, or any fire-catching materials

Perhaps this is one of the basic rules that everyone follows when it comes to grilling. Barbecue fires are dangerous. Placing your barbecue grill at a safe distance from your house can prevent the spread of fire in case a fire breaks out from your grill.

At least 10 feet away from your house or any fire-attracting and a flammable area is safe enough. Barbecue fires can be caused by the following poor maintenance results:

· Damaged gas hose
· Hose deterioration
· Leaking gas valve
· Overheating

Grilling indoor is not only discouraged due to the risk of fire but also because of harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is poisonous especially if contained in a closed area.

4. Grilling moderately

Women can be more health conscious, so the new that some grilled foods are often linked to cancer is alarming. For example, there is a high risk of getting pancreatic cancer when you eat well-done grilled meat. Grilling food is an age-old way to cook food and it produces smoky, tasty, and delicious flavor. If you can’t do away with the grills, then avoid frequent grilling. Here is what you can do to minimize the risk of cancer:

· Chooses leaner meat for grilling and avoid the fats.
· Before grilling, remove the chicken skin first.
· Don’t overdo your meat.
· Use foils for grill grates whenever possible.

5. Grilling food thoroughly

Avoid the spread of harmful bacteria by grilling food thoroughly. It is tempting to get that piece of meat from the grill just because it looks like it is already cooked. But assuming that a food is cooked basing purely on visual estimation or measurement can be inaccurate. Just like men, women also love collecting kitchen tools that can help in cooking.

You can cut meat into pieces for a quick and thorough cooking using knives or kitchen shears. Another kitchenware or piece of equipment that you should have is a food thermometer.

There are food thermometers that can be used to measure the temperature of grilled food.
Here is a quick guide on what the ideal and safe food temperature for each cooked food:

· Whole Chicken – 165 F
· Whole Turkey – 165 F
· Chicken Part (Breast, Leg, Wings) – 165 F
· Turkey Part (Breast, Leg) – 165 F
· Hamburgers – 160 F
· Hot dogs – 165 F
· Ground beef – 160 F
· Pork – 160 F
· Lobster – 145 F
· Shrimp – 145 F
· Lamb – 160 F
· Fish – 145 F
· Beef Steaks

o Medium rare – 145 F
o Medium – 160 F
o Well done – 170 F

6. Cleaning your grill regularly

Some, if not most women do not shy away from cleaning the kitchen and cooking tools clean. Cleaning is important in keeping food safe. Dirty grills can contaminate food that can cause food poisoning.

Grills that are left outdoors for a long time can accumulate rust which can be harmful to the health. In order to avoid health hazards caused by poorly cleaned or maintained grills, take note of these cleaning tips:

· Clean your grill before using it. Storing it for a long time might cause dust and rust to build up.
· Clean your grill after using it.
· Let the grill cool down to a tolerable level then start cleaning food left on it.
· Clean the grates of your grill effectively by using a brush.

Don’t forget to clean your cooking tools too before and after grilling.

7. Leaving the grill unattended should be a no, no

Don’t let distraction get the best of you and leave the grill unattended. There are plenty of things that could happen once you leave your grill unattended.

Flare-ups and fires can be ignited without your knowledge, your food can be overcooked or burnt, or children can go near it and hurt themselves. In order to prevent this, make sure that you have your full attention to the grilling task at hand.

Parting Thoughts

Summers and Fourth of July parties are popular occasions to hold a barbecue party. There is no other fun way to enjoy a barbecue than enjoying it safely. Women can also barbecue, and women can do it safely and expertly.

There are things to consider and things to remember but it will all be worth it once your perfect barbecue is done without any problem. Kitchen safety and cooking safety should be practiced by everyone.

About the Author Lita Watson:

Hi there! I’m Lita, voice of Quick Easy Cook and I’m absolutely in love with cooking blogs. I’m a beginner in cooking and i try my best to make it quick and easy. Even though, it’s not always quick and easy to keep up with fancy dinners… so i keep learning and blogging about quick and easy ways to create delicious and yummy foods for my two kids and a wonderful husband.

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