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Guilty Pleasures: Recipes for Mexican Food

Like Italian and Chinese food, Mexican cuisine also has a huge crownd of world-wide fans. The most popular ones are packed tastes like wraps, quesadillas, enchiladas and filled beauties such as tacos, shells and potato skins. Some of them might sound unfamiliar to you namely quesadilla, chimichanga and enchiladas. Let us try to define them for you. “Queso” is cheese in Spanish. And a quesadilla is a toasted tortilla with melted cheese inside. “Chimichanga” is essentially deep fried burrito that is stuffed with either meat or beans. Enchiladas is a tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a chili pepper sauce. The common feature of these three is that all of them can be filled with anything you want. Check the most typical Mexican recipes we present here for you and enjoy them with your family and friends.

Grilled Tex-Max Chicken & Quinoa Wraps
grilled-tex-mex-chicken-and-qunioa-wrapsRecipe: halfbakedharvest

Mexican Rice
mexican-riceRecipe: crepesofwrath

mexican-steak-queadillasRecipe: bsinthekitchen

Mexican Lasagna
mexican-lasagnaRecipe: acouplecooks

Fiesta Salsa Shredded Chicken
fiesta-salsa-shredded-chickenRecipe: theyummylife

Chicken Chimichangas
chicken-chimichangasRecipe: blogchef

Sweet Potato Skins
healthy-mexican-potato-skinsRecipe: pinchofyum

Shredded Beef
mexican_shredded_beefRecipe: blogchef

mexican-casseroleRecipe: blogchef

Stuffed Shells
mexican-stuffed-shellsRecipe: thewaytohisheartblog

Shredded Chicken Enchiladas
shredded-chicken-enchiladasRecipe: asweetpeachef

Mexican Pizza
mexican-pizzaRecipe: lawfullyweddedwife

Chicken Fajitas
chicken-fajitasRecipe: chow

Salad Wraps
crispy-chicken-salad-wrapsRecipe: abitchinkitchen

tacosRecipe: cookingclassy

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