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Healthy Fruit Salad Recipes

Leave aside those sugar-bomb desserts and pick one of these healthy fruit salad recipes. Composed of an assortment of fruits and different types of dressings, they are the best options for a light end after dinner. Before collecting these recipes, I had had only one which was simply cut the fruits in small pieces and add some vanilla ice-cream then mix until it melts. Then I upgraded the definition and taste of the “fruit salad” I had by trying different variations. I’m sure that you have your own fruit salad version. Please share your recipes with us.

fruit-salad03Recipe: kidcultivation

fruit-salad08Recipe: inspiredtaste

fruit-salad02Recipe: bakedbree

fruit-salad04Recipe: eatingrichly

fruit-salad01Recipe: spicyicecream

fruit-salad05Recipe: witandwhistle

fruit-salad07Recipe: keyingredient

fruit-salad06Recipe: letsdishrecipes

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