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Healthy Veggie Burger Recipes

Veggie burgers are the best alternative to classic burgers containing several vegetables and still almost the same grill taste. Besides they are healtier including very low calorie, low fat, no cholesterol, and high in potassium. There are different recipes as they are versatile up to your taste. If you’ve never made a recipe from this blog, try one of these. We are sure not only vegetarians but also meat-lovers and picky eaters will like them.

butter-veggie burgerRecipe: butterthantoast

vegan-veggie burgerRecipe: veganricha

view-veggie burgerRecipe: theviewfromthegreatisland

enour-veggie burgerRecipe: enourishment

kblog-veggie burgerRecipe: lunchboxbunch

my-veggie burgerRecipe: myinspiration

neigh-veggie burgerRecipe: neighborfoodblog

girl-veggie burgerRecipe: girlmakesfood

ohmy-veggie burgerRecipe: ohmyveggies

roast-veggie burgerRecipe: theroastedroot

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