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The History of Caroma Dorf: A Wholly Australian Brand

CaromaDorf is a group of Australian companies that is famous for its wide range of products for kitchens and bathrooms. This business group was originally founded in 1941 and gradually expanded its manufacturing units in different parts of South Australia, namely in South Wales, Norwood and Wetherill Park. Actually, this special sanitaryware brand acts as a subsidiary of GWA International Limited, a renowned Australian company that covers quite a number of popular Australian brands, which are also well known in other parts of the world.

Caroma Dorf comprises of a number of companies that have specialized in the manufacturing of several products for use in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, like Fowler, Dorf, Clark, Radiant, Epure, Stylus and Irwell. These companies provide the latest designs of sinks, toilets, basins, showers, taps and many other kitchen or bathroom accessories at reasonable prices that help all consumers to decorate their homes within their budget. All of these Caroma products are known to be well designed and highly functional in nature, while their style fits all types of homes and commercial properties, as this brand manufactures a range of both domestic and commercial bathroom accessories.


The innovative ideas of Caroma group have made them the pioneer in many facets of sanitary ware, not only in Australia but also all over the world. This company was the first to introduce a dual flush system consisting of two buttons in 1982, which is now commonly found in many households around the world. The uniqueness of this brand also lies in the launching of the 6/3 L dual flush cistern and 4/3 L dual flush cistern using the modern Smart flush technology. Caroma’s extraordinary designs of toilet suites earned them a five star rating, while their urinals were known to be the first among all Australian competitors to be awardeda six star rating. Caroma Invisi Series II Toilet Suite bagged the prestigious ‘Australian Design Award for Excellence

in Australian Design’ in the category of Housing and Building in 2009. Earlier Caroma H2Zero Cube Urinal was presented ‘Australian Design Award for Excellence in Sustainable Design’ in 2007, while the Smartflush Toilet Suite Range got the ‘Australian Design Award for Excellence in Australian Design’ in 2005.


Therefore, the supremacy of this experienced brand is unquestionable,especially as they have widely expanded their business sucessfullythrough foreign distributors.Thoughthey efficiently distribute products from their internal business in Australia, Sustainable Solutions International now handles the distributorship in North America and a distributor company named Sanlamere handles the business in the United Kingdom. In India, Caroma products are distributed through Clayton Ceramic Australia, which has already opened a number of showrooms all over the prominent cities of India, which have been extremely sucessful.

As Caroma products are greatly adored by people and are being used in schools and hospitals due to the durability and ease of use, this brand is also introducing special products for physically impaired people.

In October 2014 Caroma group announced to now also importing products from China, instead of manufacturing totally in their own Australian factories, though the quality of their products are sure to be of the exact same impeccable standard.


So you can see, when you choose to purchase Caroma Products, they have a rich history of designing and manufacturing quality sanitaryware, and the Caroma brand is likely to last for a very long time to come. It’s no surprise that many Australians choose to purchase Caroma products for their kitchens and bathrooms, and it is certainly a standard for quality, value for money and innovation in design.

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