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Household Filters for Cleaner Drinking Water

Staying healthy by staying hydrated can be tough when you don’t have a clean or reliable source of water nearby. Even your standard residential water supplies can be questionable, with the varying levels of chlorine or fluoride in it. Going with filtered water is a common way to make sure you’re drinking clean uncontaminated water.

Even outdoors, there are more and more options for getting clean water on the go. Bottle refilling stations and the drinking fountains at Aquafil are starting to pop up in major cities because it’s so important to have water available, even when you’re away from home.

Sure, there are rules in place to make sure your water is “clean” but they aren’t always enforced and certain levels of contamination are allowed anyway.

Filters at the Tap
You don’t necessarily need filtered water at every point in your home, so adding a filter at one of the main taps in the house can be all you need. The kitchen is usually the spot for that, but anywhere that suits your home situation is fine.

Single-tap filters come in a variety of styles, sizes and filtration levels so you can tailor your filter to your needs. Smaller ones just screw on the end of the  faucet, and the water flows through the filter as it comes out. These are the simplest ones and will have a limited range of filtration. Definitely chlorine but not some of the more subtle contaminants.

A more thorough option is a larger unit that either sits under the sink or on the counter beside the tap. You can get a wider range of filter types with these units, and they will clean up more than just chlorine.

The end-of-the-tap style of filter is simple to install with typical household tools and shouldn’t need any professional help. The larger ones may be a DIY project if you are comfortable dealing with plumbing because the water needs to be re-routed to go through the filter before the tap.

Whole House Filters
For homes with more questionable water, you can improve things for bathing and washing as well as drinking by adding a filtration system to the entire house.

Again, you have a range of models to choose from, with simpler ones that just remove basic sediment and chlorine to complicated reverse osmosis machines that remove nearly everything possible. Because they operate on your incoming water intake supply, they will filter all the water in the house, so every tap and appliance will be using it.

How to Choose
Your choice should be based on the quality of your water to begin with. If your water is extremely clean, you might only need a simple filter to get rid of the chlorine. If your water source is fluoridated or has higher levels of other chemicals, you will need to get something more serious. The best way to know is to get your water properly tested by a lab. Once you see what you’re dealing with, you’ll know which way to go.

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