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How to Choose the Right Electrician for Your Restaurant or Bar

When your whole financial future hangs on the success of your restaurant business, it is imperative that everything involved be done in the absolute best manner possible. That includes not only having the very best menu items in town, gauging and managing your prices and profit margins wisely, and laying out your floor plan and furnishings in an attractive display, but it also includes things as basic as choosing the best electrician.

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Using a great electrician from the very beginning will avert future dilemmas such as unnecessary black outs, improperly installed outlets, or poor wiring networks that do not reach each area with the needed voltage supply. A good electrician will have the tools, experience, and dedication to excellence that will ensure that needless problems are avoided and that all of your outlets, fixtures, and networking are installed in an optimal manner.

Let us look at a few of the key criteria to consider when choosing which company’s  services to utilise in getting your new bar or restaurant ready for that grand opening day:

  1. Look for a company that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You don’t need any potential legal issues hanging over your head. After all, getting your new business off the ground is what you want to be focusing on right now.
  2. Look for a group of electricians that have a proven track record of success that can be vouched for by a wide range of customers and across many years of service. You really can’t afford to risk using someone inexperienced when so much is on the line.
  3. Look for an electrician who not only is fully familiar with all of the basic, standard practices but who also is accustomed to thinking creatively. You want some innovative suggestions, critical feedback, and forward-looking planning methods to go into your establishment’s lighting arrangement. You want your place to look unique and attractive to your clients.

Those are just a few of the things to keep in mind as you figure out how to choose the right electrician for your restaurant or bar.

barImage Credit: belairbarandgrill

A good example of a company that meets these sort of criteria is A&P Electrical in Manchester. This was the company of choice for two of the most popular bars in all Manchester, Cain and Grain and Blackdog Ballroom. The owners of these two bars, as well as of many other food-service businesses both in the Manchester area and scattered across the whole U.K., have expressed their deep satisfaction with the top-rate job that A&P Electrical provided them with.

A&P has much experience at planning, organizing, installing, testing, and perfecting electrical systems and appliances. Specialized lighting fixtures, needs particular to professional kitchens, and ideal designs for public dining areas are all within their area of expertise. While their expert and creative staff has worked on everything from bowling alleys to dental offices, they are especially well-suited to tackle cafe, restaurant, and bar room jobs.

Whenever a new client walks into your restaurant, you want him or her to be immediately struck by the pleasantness of the ambiance. You may choose to project a soft glow of light over a cozy, deep-stained array of classic furniture. Or, it might be a brightly lit, opened-up atmosphere that you are aiming at. Look for an electrician who can give you valuable advice on how to achieve your envisioned decor. That will add a “bonus” to the basic skills of correct wiring that every electrician ought to bring to the task. Don’t assume that all electricians are created equal. Take time to seek out the best, and you will benefit greatly.


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