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How To Make Your Own Stir Sticks

OK, we agree with you on how much we are obsessed with details. But we can’t help it as “small details make the difference” is what we believe. In the same way, we came up with this ridiculously easy crafts project. When organising a party, you prepare everything needed such as snacks, beverages, table setting, decorating the place etc. To add some creativity, you can make your own stir sticks to dress up drinks. Imagine how cute they will look in your cocktails, sangrias and smoothies! Here are some pretties that may inspire you.

diy-stir-stick07Tutorial: theflairexchange

diy-stir-stick09Tutorial: theflairexchange

diy-stir-stick06Tutorial: valleyandcolifestyle

diy-stir-stick08Tutorial: dotcomsformoms

diy-stir-stick04Tutorial: ravennagirls

diy-stir-stick05Tutorial: somewheresplendid

diy-stir-stick02Tutorial: blackoakvintage

diy-stir-stick03Tutorial: confettipop

diy-stir-stick01Tutorial: confettipop

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