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How to Peel and Devein Shrimp

Peeling and deveining shrimp may sound daunting and even intimidating.
Simply apply these following steps and you will end up with a gorgeous looking, intensely tasteful fruit of the sea;

Peel the shell off. This can be done easily by grasping the legs attached to the shell and pulling towards the side of the shrimp. This will crack the shell and if followed through, will take off quite a bit of the shell. Repeat if needed.


In this step, keeping or ridding the tail is entirely up to you…
To devein, look at the end where the head used to be and near the top side of the shrimp should be a small flap (a joint like structure between muscles).Quite easily, stick a toothpick through this flap (namely 1-2 mm underneath the skin, deeper for larger shrimp) and half way through the toothpick, pull it back out by breaking the skin.

With the toothpick, comes a black string, looking almost like a chicken vein. This constitutes the entire digestive system of the animal.If you don’t find one, don’t worry, it just means that, this shrimp didn’t get his last supper!
shrimp6Photo Credit: blog.melonoat

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