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Ice Cream, Frozen Custard, Or Gelato….Which One Is For You?

When you browse the frozen section of any grocery store, the variety of amazing frozen treats can become overwhelming. With all the new labeling and different types of frozen concoctions, it is difficult to know which ones taste better, and more importantly, which ones are better for you. Depending on what you are looking for, traditional ice cream might not be the best choice. If you think that nothing can substitute for your ice cream craving, think again. There are new kids on the block that just might change your mind.

You might be surprised to know that a lot of classification and regulation goes into how a product can be labeled when it comes to frozen delicacies. It’s not just about what the product contains; deciding what to call it also comes with standards about how it is processed. The Food and Drug Administration has very strict guidelines in place about what you can and can’t call your frozen concoction.

What defines ice cream?

Ice cream is classified as a product that is frozen while stirred and contains a pasteurized mix. It may or may not have dairy ingredients, depending on the brand and manufacturer. Pasteurized mix includes any derivative of milk including sweetened, buttermilk, condensed, concentrated and even evaporated. It can also contain cream or “plastic cream” — which isn’t really plastic; it is actually a concentrated milkfat.

For a product to be called “ice cream,” it also has to contain a minimum of 10% fat and has to weigh more than 4.5 pounds per gallon. This “overrun,” as the industry calls it, is related to the amount of air that is whipped into the ice cream during production. The reason the FDA has standards in place is to protect the consumer from buying nothing more than air.

What defines frozen custard?

Frozen custard has many of the same requirements of ice cream. It is also made from sugar, milk and cream, but it has to contain at least 1.4% egg yolk solids for it to be classified as custard. Therefore, there isn’t much difference when it comes to eating ice cream versus frozen custard, besides the amount of egg yolk that goes into it.


Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, but it differs both in ingredients and in how it is produced. Although it tastes creamier and has a smoother feel to your palate, gelato contains less fat than ice cream. It is whipped with less air, which makes it denser than both frozen custard and ice cream, so it is a much bolder dessert. Since it is less dense, it takes a fraction of the sugar for you to get the same flavors. If you are looking for something to quickly satisfy your sweet tooth, gelato packs a much better punch.

Frozen fat is a substance that coats your taste buds and makes it more difficult for you to get the full flavor of what you are eating. That is why you need less gelato to get the same sugar fix. With gelato’s lower fat content, your taste buds are fully free to take in all the delicious flavors that it has to offer.

Gelato Winnipeg, also comes in dairy-free varieties, although these are technically called sorbetto. They taste just like their ice cream counterparts with the same smooth and creamy texture. Although they are typically made from fruits, it is also possible to get them in chocolate and other traditional ice cream flavors.

So which one is right for you?

If you want a more nutritious dessert with less fat, a fraction of the calories and less sugar, then dip into a pint of gelato. The taste is not only way bolder; it lasts in your mouth much longer. Creamier than ice cream, it is a treat that you should try if you haven’t given it a chance. Although it’s the “new kid on the block,” it is definitely making a name for itself in the American dessert industry.

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