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Icy or Slushy Granita Recipes

If you like ice-cream or frozen fruit mixtures, you will like granitas as well. Usually containing only fresh fruit, water and sugar, they offer cool down after dinner like an Italian. They are widely eaten in Sicily and Catania especially for breakfast. Granita recipes may vary from sweetness and tartness also being icy or slushy. It is due to the provinces they belong to. By balancing the fruit/water/ sugar ratio, you can create the one depending on your taste. Try this refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day. Well worth the effort.

Canaloupe Lemon and Mint
cantaloupe-lemon-mint-granitaRecipe: whiskaffair

Carrot Orange
carrot-orange-granitaRecipe: buttered-up

watermelon-granitaRecipe: tarjetadembarque

Strawberry Rose Wine Granita
strawberry-rose-wine-granitaRecipe: gourmandeinthekitchen

Arnold Palmer
arnold-palmer-granitaRecipe: yumsugar

Cantaloupe Lime
cantaloupe-lime-granitaRecipe: sipsandspoonfuls

Mocha Granita
mocha-granitaRecipe: divyasculinaryjourney

strawberry-granitaRecipe: jenniferjoyce

melon-granitaRecipe: undejeunerdesoleil

Honey Mint Tea
honey-mint-tea-granitRecipe: kumquatblog

Pineapple Lemon
Recipe: chocswirl

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