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Identifying & Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies, Gnats, And Drain Flies

There are approximately 120,000 different species of flies in the world and potentially more that have not yet been identified. That’s a lot of flies!

Of course, most of these won’t be of any interest to you and you’ll probably never see them. But, it’s worth noting that flies can carry an estimated 65 different types of bacteria, some of which can make you seriously ill, or even cause death.

This means you need to take flies in your home very seriously, some scientists even suggest you shouldn’t consume food if a fly has landed on it.

If you have a fly problem you’ll be going to need to know the number of your local pest control service, they can help you eliminate the issue. However, it is a good idea to know exactly what you’re dealing with. In fact, there are several things you can do to reduce or even get rid of flies before you contact pest control.

The Fruit Fly

This is the most common fly to frequent homes and love fruit, decomposing fruit, and any sugary food or liquid. The most common fruit flies will have either red eye or black, with striped abdomens.

They are approximately 1/8 inch long and have a similar style body to the common housefly. These are the ones that buzz around any waste in your home, specifically your bin, garbage disposal, or food left on the side.

If you don’t want these flies annoying you then you need to focus on keeping your kitchen clean. Your bins should be closed at all times, food waste should be cleared straight away, and counters should be wiped down.

You can also try some homemade traps before calling the professionals.

The Gnat

It’s easy to confuse the gnat with a fruit fly, after all, they both whizz past your ear making annoying noises. But, this type of fly actually looks more like a mosquito and are slightly smaller than fruit flies. They are brown or black with pale-colored legs and are most attracted to moist soil.

If your flies like your potted plants then they are probably gnats.

The simplest way to get rid of gnats is to add flypaper on small sticks around your potted plants, they’ll stick to this and won’t be able to escape. In short, they’ll die.

Drain Flies

The drain fly looks like a cross between a fly and a moth because they are covered in hair. They prefer damp conditions and will target drains or any open plumbing to call their home.

These are also about 1/8 inch long and will center themselves near drains. They actually fly a little clumsily and will happily settle on walls.

The first step in getting rid of drain flies is to cover all the drains with sticky tape overnight. In the morning the tape that has flies stuck to it is the drain with the issue.

You can then pour some warm to boiling water down the drain and clean it with a metal pipe brush. It’s a good idea to add some drain cleaner and then use a swatter or spray to eliminate flies outside of the drain.

Of course, if the infestation is large or you’re struggling to get rid of them, get the professionals in!





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