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Liquid Backbone of Your Kitchen: The Chicken Stock

Stews, chows, rice and even the roasts all tend to demand one thing. A nice, well made stock. Of all the large varieties of stocks, chicken stock is used and known widest. No thanksgiving turkey is complete without a gravy made with a nice stock.

Well how do ya get yourselves a really nice golden liquid that I’ve been blabbering about above?

First of all things, you’re gonna need a chicken. Not just any chicken though. Get a farm bred, organic bird which will infuse the juice with all the charming flavors. Grab a deep boiling pan and throw the bird in. Do not remove the wing tips since their contribution is beyond any chicken part. For the maximum outcome, bring the bird to a boil and simmer until all the meat falls of the bones. Sift nicely.

At this point, I would like talk about a common mistake and even best known celebrity-kind chefs tend to make. Do not put any kind of herbs or seasoning with the bird. Remember now, we wish not to season the bird, we wish to season the stock! As you end up with the juice of the bird, quarter a large onion, 4-6 garlic cloves, chopped carrots, bay leaves and last but not least rosemarry. The reason we seperate the bird juicing and seasoning is to prevent any loss of flavors into the birds meat as it will penetrate right into it as well. Simmer the herbs till the carrots come soft. Sift again. For longer preservation in the fridge, do not skim the chicken fat.

Ball JarsPhoto Credit: paleospirit

Chicken StockPhoto Credit: i2

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