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Magic Health Potion! Green Smoothies

Have your ever heard about green smoothies’ power to help you start a energetic day, provide your nutrients and help you lose weight? Search a little more about their benefits, they will surely become your favorite part of the morning routine or post-workout remedy. When it comes to making them, there is only one simple rule: They should contain greens and liquid then the rest is up to your creativity. For the beginners, we provide 5 delicious green smoothie recipes to take up this healthy daily habit.

Avocado & Kiwi
avocado_kiwi_green_smoothieRecipe: greenchillipeppers

Green Monster
green_smoothieRecipe: getoffyourtushandcook

Mango Green Smoothie
mango_green_smoothieRecipe: atasteofmadness

Apple Pie Spinach
apple_pie_spinach_smoothieRecipe: backtoherroots

Vanilla Lime
vanilla_lime_green_smoothieRecipe: kitchentreaty

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