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Make your College Dorm Room More Comfortable

Many students feel uncomfortable living in college dorms. Either they are not used to share their private space with other people, or they are not too excited about the rooms themselves. Some changes aren’t under your control but you can add personal touches to make your dorm room more comfortable.

1. Wall Decor

When you shift to the dorm, the first thing you notice is the walls. Mostly the walls look bare as they are usually pale and there are seldom any decorations. The dorm wall decor will not only make your wall look more cosy but also homely. There are tons of interesting ways to decorate walls. Posters are usually a popular choice. You can add one large poster or several smaller ones depending upon your movies/music/art preferences or hobby. For example, you can hang a contemporary painting or dog or cat images or your favourite celebrity. You can also design the custom poster size photo of your family or the design that you have created yourself.

The other option to decorate a wall is using wall stickers that are removable and reusable. You can get a wide range of stickers, themes, designs. You can also different lights, colourful flowers, and paper garlands. String art, wood wall decorations, wall art all make cool additions to your dorm room walls.

2. Stay Organized

Use vertical space more often. You can keep your shoes and toiletries over the rack on the wall to save the space. Buy a hutch for your study table and for keeping the books. A hutch is easily available online on the sites such as Amazon. You can use this table to complete your homework, too. Even if you buy college essays online you need a table in your room to seem like a good student. You can hang keys on one of the doors so that you will never lose them. The command poster strips are perfect for hanging your artwork. You can also hang pics that you bring from home to make your dorm feel homely.

3. Bedding Tips A mattress plays a vital role in providing comfort when you need to relax after college hours. A soft and comfortable mattress is the key to get the right sleep at night. Furthermore, it will help in keeping your back healthy. Down bedding is another option to provide a comfortable sleep as it has the breathing capability and it helps to evaporate the perspiration keeping you dry at night. The best part is it will keep you warm in winter and evaporate the moisture in summer. Down and feathers are the natural fibers which will provide comfort in every season as they allow air to circulate properly through the bed.

Avoid using light colour bedsheets as they will get dirty fast. Use a dark colour or printed bedsheets to match your wall colour. This will definitely add comfort to your dorm. Getting a lot of pillows also makes your room cosier. Don’t overdo it, though.

4. Room Decorations

Mirrors are a great way to decorate your room. The best part is that it makes a dorm room look bigger and capture the natural light. The other option for dormitories is hanging the mirror over the door or getting s standing ladder style mirror to view your full outfit.

Plants are also a good way to enhance your room presence by providing a fresh accent. If you find it hard to keep plants alive then you should consider a spider plant, lily plant, etc as these require little attention. A rug can also make your dorm look more attractive. It is not necessary to buy an expensive rug as there are many available at affordable prices.

Lighting also makes a dorm room vivid and interesting. You can have a cute table lamp as you need to study comfortably without disturbing your roommate.

Actually, everything in your room can make it either cosy or cold and unfriendly, even a garbage can. You can pick garbage cans matching the theme of your dorm.

Now that you know how to make your dorm comfortable, you can feel homely in your room and enjoy college life.


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