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Must-Have Homeware Trends for Inspiring Décor This Season

Whenever a new season knocks on the door, we get to enjoy a range of new trends. The start of a season is always such an inspirational time for anyone interested in beautiful and functional things. Homeware is no different and the current season is offering plenty of wonderful items to decorate your home with. Current trends offer plenty of inspiration – they look good but the products are also extremely functional. So, let’s look at the must-have homeware products you need to shop for this season.

Metallic shine

Metallic shine has long been a big hit in homeware. Not only is industrial design a contemporary trend in terms of decorating your kitchen, but also metallic utensils are a huge hit in the current market. The most recent example is the increase in industrial metallic in terms of colour and finish – pans and utensils are turning ever more industrial.

But another metallic style keeps its hold on the trends. Rose gold and different shades of copper are super popular and will add plenty of character to your kitchen. Copper teapot with copper mugs is an extremely elegant way to entertain your guests for a proper English-style afternoon tea party. The great thin about these metallic homeware products is how you don’t need to hide them in a cupboard. The items look so pretty that open shelves and glass doors are a kitchen must-have.

Warm terracotta shade

If you are looking for something a touch softer and warmer, you’ll be pleased to know that terracotta is back with a bang. The warm shade is making a comeback after being ousted by cool whites. The minimalist and Scandinavian style is making way for the much warmer southern style of warm terracotta.

Terracotta is not just a great pick for kitchens but it also looks great in the bathroom. Feature walls in terracotta shade will create a lovely rustic feel to your bathroom. You can also accessorise with terracotta – opt for soap dispensers and towel racks in this beautiful and warm tone.

When it comes to combining terracotta with other materials, you should contrast it with floral design. This works especially well in the living room. A terracotta shade sofa from DFS will pair nicely with decorative floral pillows and curtains.

Fresh and luscious green

Since Pantene’s colour of the year is green, you’ll also find plenty of it in the homeware section. Green is a great fresh and luscious colour to decorate with and it works exceptionally well in the bathroom and the bedroom.

You should opt for some green-inspired bedding from the likes of Next. Combine this with a bit of yellow and you have an inspiring and inviting bedroom. Green is a calming colour that will help you feel and sleep more relaxed while yellow will add just the right amount of energy to wake you up every morning.

You can also use green in the bathroom. A few accent tiles in green will add a bit of brightness to your bathroom. If you are willing to be a bit more playful, a green floor or ceiling can create a refreshing yet modern look. Just make sure you don’t pick a shade of green that’s too bright or too dark – a soft pastel green can work the best.

Juxtaposing different materials

Indeed, the big trend this season is to juxtapose different materials together for a more textured look. By using different materials together, you can instantly add more depth and character to your home décor.

How to best juxtapose different materials? You could pair ceramics with wood. This can look especially good in the dining room. Ceramic plates paired with wooden serving utensils and pans will create a welcoming look for your summer parties.

Another great laidback option is to pair glassware with soft fabrics. For example, if you have a glass coffee table, you can add soft linen on top of it and then add a glass vase with sweets or a carafe to juxtapose these two different materials.

Clever use of gadgets

Modern homeware is not just about the looks and design. People are always keen to add elements that make the house more functional and gadgets have become a big part of our homeware.

In terms of combining good design and clever gadgetry, Joseph Joseph is a brand you want to check out. The kitchenware brand has tons of space-saving products that make cooking and serving a lot more fun. You can find the brand’s products at TheHut.com and use voucher codes to save money.

If you’d like to take your gadget use to the next level, the summer is the perfect time to add Amazon Echo or Google Home personal assistant to your home. The products use voice activation and you can use them to ask questions, set timers, check the news and even shop for items. Both products are also surprisingly stylish in terms of design.

If you want to brighten up your home this season, the above trends are the ones to follow. You can hopefully find plenty of inspiration from the list and create something new and different in your home.

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