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Oreo Recipes: Tart, Donut, Milkshake and More

If you think an oreo is just an oreo, this post is a proof that you’re totally mistaken. This little, round biscuit is also a tart, donut, fudge, ice-cream and even a glass of milkshake. Have a look at the recipes stated below each picture, all of which are easy to prep and make tasty snacks & drinks.

Minnie & Mickey Mouse Oreo Pops
oreo01Recipe: eacher-chef

Mini Oreo Donut(s)
oreo05Recipe: messmakesfood

Cheesecake Cups
oreo06Recipe: azestybite

oreo07Recipe: sallysbakingaddiction

Ice Cream
oreo02Recipe: traceysculinaryadventures

Cookie & Cream Fudge
oreo03Recipe: sugarforthebrain

Oreo Tart
Recipe: wypiekizpasja

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