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What to Pack for Lunch?

What to Pack for Lunch?

Although having packed lunch at work sounds a little old-fashioned, it is the best option if you are fed up with nearby offerings. No, we are not talking about packing leftovers or munching the same sandwich everyday as you have numerous easy-to-make and tasty ways to crown your midday meal.

Grab and Go Recipes
Cheese, veggies and some salsa all wrapped together in a burrito is enough to give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. Burritos, sub-sandwiches and burgers are maybe the most versatile and quick to prepare alternatives especially when you are late for work. Just toss your favourite fillings into a whole grain baguette and it’s ready!

Tiny Mini Snacks
If you are not a big-portion type then this group of recipes are for you. Mini pizzas, salty muffins and tasty crostini… Pour a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy these tiny cutties. They can even help you with losing weight as when you eat less but more frequently, your metabolism quits the survival mode and believes you are obtaining ongoing fuel with no lack in a supply.

Healthy Salads
Unless you add lots of high-calorie creamy dressings, we can call all salad recipes “healthy”. Ingredients may vary seasonally, dressings change according to your taste, but all of them are guaranteed delicious. For autumn, try combining gala apples with cheese and walnuts, believe us, you will never regret!

Guilty Pleasures
The group of recipes we presented so far, have been more or less healthy but from this point it starts to get a little dangerous. If you don’t worry about gaining weight and like to have something sweet and savory to mate with your tea/coffee then undoubtedly you belong to this group. A couple of cupcakes with moisty sponge and nutella frosting is enough to satisfy your sweet craving. Remember to bring some more to share with your colleagues.

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